World Views

The origin of food and it’s cultural significance is some of what we discuss in this cooking session. We talk about the impact of things like religion and climate on food culture as well as where spices came from & its impact on history. We learn interesting trivia for example how sushi was made with fermented fish from rice & salt and then disregarded, this has now changed to a fast food item where the rice is eaten. Whether it be Western, Eastern, African, Middle Eastern or Latin culture you wish to focus on, we have the incursion for you! Related curriculum links VCICCB001 & VCICCD003.


Students should be able to identify the country they cooked from & the key element of the history behind this.


Where the ingredients we are using come from & talk about the history behind this.


ITALY: Pizza or Pici (Grades F-6)  
GREECE: Flat Bread - Thyme & Garlic with Tzatziki (Grades F-6)  
MIDDLE EAST: Falafels with Vegetarian salad (Grades 2-6)  
CHINESE: Spring Rolls (Grades 3-6)
JAPANESE: Sushi (Grades 3-6)  
MEXICAN: Nachos (Grades 2-6)
ENGLISH: Scones - Lemon & Berry flavoured (Grades F-6) 
CHINESE: Dim Sim (Grades 3-6)
ITALY: Grissini - Cracked pepper & fennel (Grades 3-6)


Sessions: 1.5hr cooking
Minimum booking: 2 sessions = 3 hours total

COST for Primary Schools per student

Ideal number of students: 25
Minimum number: 20 | Maximum students: 28
20-25 students: $17  |  +25 students: $20

COST for Kindergartens/Childcare per child

Minimum booking: 2 sessions = 1 1/2 - 2 hours total
Max number of children per session: 20  |  Min number per session: 15
15-20 children: $20  |  +20: $25

We talk about the ingredients and the history/ story behind how they came about! We can cook anything for the World View Topic & teach them a different cooking skill! We do take suggestions!