Read some of the wonderful reviews about Itsy Bitsy Chef. 

Absolutely fantastic cooking classes! The way Deanne engages each child is second to none. My kids looked forward to their class each week and were so proud of the new skills they had learnt each class. Lots of fun, educational and thrilling to take home their creations to show Dad! I definitely recommend this awesome business to anyone looking for something fun & different to mainstream after-school classes!
— Laura K
Having experience with weighing, pinching, adding a 1/4 cup, mixing etc.
— Beaumaris Primary School
Fabulous- Master 7 did the holiday program. Totally loved it, gaining life skills, confidence and being fully engaged for an afternoon makes me thrilled too! Amazing instructors kept instructions and tasks appropriate for all participants and food/personal safety a priority.
— Jennifer M
Loved it! Hands on cooking experience. Doing, not watching.
— Firbar Primary School
Wonderful to see my son’s pride when providing dinner or dessert for the family after his weekly cooking class. Skills for life!
— Catherine M
My son absolutely loves his cooking lessons! He is learning so much and doing such a great job with all the delicious food he brings home, that I think he may have to live with me forever!!
— Clare R
Hands on everything! Engaging and a great way to conclude our unit. Very practical!
— Donvale, Carey Baptist Primary School
I have never seen a cooking program like this! The kids were so engaged and looked proud as punch when they were able to complete cooking tasks. What an amazing skill to learn at such a young age. A relief too that they quickly understand kitchen safety and hygiene and can gain so much confidence from preparing a meal in their little chef uniforms. Deanne is an incredible teacher.
— Kyla D
Rolling the dough up and seeing the bun come together. …they got to get their hands dirty!
— Box Hill South Primary School
Hands on individual bowls/ingredients so all are engaged.
— Newport Lakes Primary School
My 6 year old daughter Ruby has been attending cooking lessons at Itsy Bitsy Chef, and I must say she absolutely loves it and so do we. It’s been great for a slightly picky eater and this is encouraging her to try new things. Her food knowledge and skills are growing each week and she’s now starting to tell me how to do things! Dee is fantastic and is one of the major reasons why Ruby loves Itsy Bitsy Chef so much. I can’t speak highly enough of the whole programme and would recommend it to anyone.
— Megan M
So good for kids to learn cooking.
— Kazimierz B
My son did the Xmas holiday program and ever since he has been so involved in the cooking process at home. He remembers all the tips and tricks from the class he did and seems to confidently break eggs and understand all the steps with cake making and food handling in general. I am amazed and quite excited about how much they pick up in one class. I can’t wait to do the Easter program... well, he also can’t wait!!! It’s been a real bonding for us to cook together.
— Kate G