Science in the Kitchen

In this explosive incursion we explore science in everyday cooking items. We focus on Chemistry/Biology when combining materials and explore the physical properties of natural and processed materials and how this can influence their use.
Curriculum related links VCSSU045, VCSSU059, VCSSU076.


Students should be able to identify the effects that mixing ingredients together in cooking which include a solid, liquid & gas to create a new edible product that can be shaped through bending and twisting by using a physical or chemical change. Students observe heat and its effects on solids and liquids and begin to develop an understanding of energy flows through simple systems.


Learning about gases produced in everyday materials (carbon dioxide). Mixing together ingredients giving different outcomes. Flour and water together make an elastic dough. Yeast and water (fermentation) creates a gas. All together they create a different product. Learning about the biochemical processes cooking entails… fermentation, emulsification. Using heat and showing outcomes, predictions.


Sticky Buns (Grades 3-6) 
Apple Strudels (Grades 1-6)    Hot Cross Buns (Grades 3-6)
Gingerbread biscuits (Grades P-6) 
Apple Strudels (Grades 1-6)     
Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Meatballs with Lemon & Parsley Cous Cous (Grades P-6)
Animal Shaped Bread Rolls with Vegetarian Fillings (Grades P-6)


Changes in food - texture & colour changes
3 States of matter - liquid, solid & gas
Heat & energy
Physical & chemical change


Blowing a balloon using a gas & emulsification using milk & food dyes (grades 1-6) 
Slime making (grades 5-6) 
Milk and coke & speeding up the process through using heat (grades 3-6)
Oxidation with the air (grades 3-6) Bouncy Ball (grades 1-6) Making Ricotta (grades 2-6)


Sessions: 1.5hr cooking
Minimum booking: 2 sessions = 3 hours total

COST for Primary Schools per student

Ideal number of students: 25
Minimum number: 20 | Maximum students: 28
20-25 students: $17  |  +25 students: $20

COST for Kindergartens/Childcare per child

Minimum booking: 2 sessions = 1 1/2 - 2 hours total
Max number of children per session: 20  |  Min number per session: 15
15-20 children: $20  |  +20: $25

This incursion includes 30 mins science. The science and food items can be interchangeable. Healthy Eating even has science aspect that can be used here.