Itsy Bitsy Chef Incursion Program

Itsy Bitsy Chef Incursions aim to give children a skill that is life long through a range of cooking classes where science and maths concepts are investigated, world views and the history of ingredients are explored and the importance of health and the impact food has on the body is discussed. We conduct experiments that give meaning to the content and the classes are fun and exciting and truly empower the children with the invaluable skill of cooking!

Science in the Kitchen

Incursion for years P-6

Incursion 1: Science in the Kitchen

In this explosive incursion we explore science in everyday cooking items. We can focus on one of the following areas of Chemistry/Biology. Different materials can be combined including mixing for a particular purpose. Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties; these properties can influence their use.

World Views

Incursion for years P-6

Incursion 4: World Views

The origin of food and it’s cultural significance is some of what we discuss in this cooking session. We talk about the impact of religion and climate on food culture as well as where spices came from & its impact on history. We explore Western, Eastern, African, Middle Eastern & Latin food culture.

Basic Cooking Skills

Incursionfor years P-6

Incursion 2: Basic Cooking Skills

We impart the lifelong skill of cooking in this incursion. Without learning basic cooking skills we can’t learn to independently cook and in turn be healthy long term people. The kids will learn different cooking techniques to show off to their loved ones while enjoying the tactile environment with tangible outcomes for them to devour!

Biology & Healthy Eating

Incursion for years P-6

Incursion 5: Biology & Healthy Eating

In this exciting class we discuss the importance of healthy eating and the science behind it. The kids will be fascinated in how our body process works! They even get to make pooh(if picked), a hands on experience like no other.

Mass Concepts

Incursion for years P-6

Incursion 3: Mass Concepts

Mass Concepts are in everyday tasks especially cooking! What better setting than a kitchen where we use fractions, adding, subtracting to increase or decrease recipes. Mass, volume or multiplication and division or even conversions. Measuring ingredients & adjusting recipes are all areas that we can demonstrate these real life skills.