Math Concepts

Math Concepts are in everyday tasks, especially cooking! What better setting than a kitchen where we use fractions, adding, subtracting to increase or decrease recipes. Mass, volume, multiplication and division or even conversions. Measuring ingredients & adjusting recipes are all areas that we can demonstrate these real life skills. Even grocery shopping and meal planning when a budget is to be met, maths comes in handy. 
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Students should be able to identify the difference between weight(mass)(matter an object contains) and volume(capacity)(space something takes up). The units of measurement we use for this. Identifying basic fractions and practically applying it. Multiplying & dividing quantities.


Using different equipment to measure mass & volume. Equipment used; jugs, measuring cups, measuring spoons, scales or droppers. Scaling the dough & using partial eggs in recipes are all practical ways in which fraction can be explained along with our experiments.


Scones with Jam & Cream (Grades P-6) 
Chicken Balls on Skewers with Mozzarella & Tomato (Grades 3-6) 
Focaccia with Thyme & Garlic (Grades P-6) 
Chocolate Chip Biscuits (Grades P-6) 
Pizza - Topping can be requested (Grades P-6) 
Apple Spicy, honeycomb Muffin (Grades 1-6) 
Animal Shaped Bread Rolls with Vegetarian Fillings (Grades 2-6)


Mass & volume/capacity - what is the difference?
Fractions - using measuring cups 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 to 1c and beyond (proper and improper fractions)
Equivalent fractions - using hands on approach to display this
Multiplication - multiplying recipes


Lava lamps - using fraction and volume/capacity (grades 2-6) 
Rice Conundrum - measuring cups 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 to 1c and beyond (grades 1-6) 
Pita Bread - hands on approach to showing equivalent fractions with visual aids. (Grades 3-6)
Comparing mass & volume - using food ingredients with appropriate equipment (grades 3-6)


Sessions: 1.5hr cooking
Minimum booking: 2 sessions = 3 hours total

COST for Primary Schools per student

Ideal number of students: 25
Minimum number: 20 | Maximum students: 28
20-25 students: $17  |  +25 students: $20

COST for Kindergartens/Childcare per child

Minimum booking: 2 sessions = 1 1/2 - 2 hours total
Max number of children per session: 20  |  Min number per session: 15
15-20 children: $20  |  +20: $25

We do take suggestions! Any food items can be produced for this topic. This cooking goes for an hour then followed by 30 minutes of mass stations.