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January Picnic Holiday Program


The menu is always exciting. Your child will have the opportunity to learn invaluable skills. They enjoy the fruits of their work with their friends or siblings, then take home the rest of the spoils to their loved ones. Perfect picnic weather at this time of the year get the kids to make something for the picnic rug that you can all enjoy together! This program is for kids aged 5-13 years old. 

We do not cater for Anaphylactic children in our After School or Holiday Programs. 


15,16,17,18,19 & 22,23,24 & 25th January 2018

147 Liardet Street, Port Melbourne (Wed,Thurs & Fri)

219 Esplanade E, Port Melbourne (Mon & Tue class)

$80 for two cooking sessions.

30 minute break in between, kids are fully supervised. A minimum of 10 kids to run class. Sessions start and finish promptly


Mon - Fri : 9.00 - 1.30pm

Extended time available WEDNESDAYS till 3pm at $110.00. Planned activities where they are fully supervised.


15 Jan  Honey & Ricotta Bundt Cake & Chicken Souvlaki with homemade bread. (ALMONDS)

16 Jan    Monkey Face biscuits & Pork Dim Sims.         

17 Jan    Chocolate Pear Tart & Roast Chicken & Ricotta Puffs with Petit Salad. 

18 Jan     Coconut & Lemon Biscuit Pops with Quiche Lorraine - Bacon.

19 Jan    Gingerbread Boxes with Decorations (REQUIRES BOTH SESSIONS - MINIMUM AGE 6+).    

22 Jan    Lamingtons - Coconut & Chocolate & Cornish Pasties with Relish.

23 Jan    Chocolate Brownies (ALMONDS) & Samosa Baked (Meat) with Mint Riata.

24 Jan     Nutella Pizza with Banana & Pork Seared with Waldolf Salad (WALNUTS).

25 Jan     Strawberry Nutella Cake & San Choy Bow