Itsy Bitsy Chef Incursions

For Primary Schools, kindergartens &  childcare's all over Melbourne!

An Incursion created by Itsy Bitsy Chef a fun day with lots of 'accidental' education.  Like no other School Incursion you will have a dynamic team with the expertise of Deanne a 20 year seasoned veteran of Hospitality a Qualified Chef/Patisserie Chef & Tafe teacher.  Sally is a PhD scientist and winner of the Premier’s Award for Medical Research in 1999.  After having 3 children of her own, Sally appreciates the importance of teaching and inspiring young minds to question and explore the world around them.  With this combination we will deliver an explosive 'hands on' Science in food presentation developed within the scope of the National Curriculum.

Workshop Topic

  • Science in the Kitchen
  • Basic Cooking skills
  • Mass Concepts
  • World Views
  • Healthy Eating

Classes Include

  • All ingredients & Props
  • Training for session
  • A food bag for the child to take home
  • Set up & Pack down
  • Tailored Age Appropriateness -Shorter sessions at Kinder & Childcare 45-60 minutes.
  • 1.5 hour session(Primary School) - Delivery of science experiment & food preparation in relation to the science being taught - Foundation to Grade 6.

Requirements of Workshops

  • Running Water - somewhere were we can place a temporary water tank for hygiene 
  • Multipurpose Room or other room where students can come in class by class
  • Oven within the room or nearby with 3-4 oven racks
  • Access to the room an hour prior to the first session to set up the room for the science experiment and food preparations 
  • Trestle Tables to set within the room
  • Within a 30km radius of the CBD charges apply if further.

The Basic requirements & what the Incursion includes are outlined above.  Feel free to contact me for more information Deanne 0425745784.  Upon confirmation of an Incursion booking you will be provided with an Incursion letter.

Cost for Primary Schools

  •  Minimum Booking is 2 sessions this is a 3 hour booking.
  • 25 students per session is ideal a minimum number is 20.
  • Maximum 28 students for each session any students over 25 are at a cost of $20 a head.
  • $15 per student

Cost For Kindergartens/Childcare

  • Minimum Booking 2 session this is a 1.5-2 hour booking.
  • 20 children per session is maximum and minimum number is 15.
  • Maximum 20 kids for each session any children after 20 are at a cost of $25 a head.
  • $20 per Child