In this exciting class we discuss the importance of healthy eating and the biological science behind it. The kids will be fascinated in how our body process works! They even get to make pooh(if picked), a hands on experience like no other. Curriculum links VCHPEP062 VCHPEP074 VCHPEP112

Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to identify a number of healthy food items and at least two food categories & why this is so important. The importance of a balanced diet/ fuelling our bodies with the right nutrients.

Performance Criteria

Naming all the ingredients in the food item, there is one ingredient from every part of the healthy food circle & the food category it falls under. We show why making healthy pooh is so important even though fibre is excreted.

Food Items

Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Meatballs with Lemon & Parsley Cous Cous (Grades F-6)

Animal Shaped Bread Rolls with Vegetarian Fillings (Grades 3-6)

Falafel Beetroot smeared Pita Wrap with Baby Spinach (Grades 2-6) 

Science Experiments

Food gives our bodies energy to move and grow. How the food gets to all the organs in our bodies it needs to be broken down. Why fibre is so important if it is excreted as waste 

Foods healthier on the stomach & for the body. Balance of acids and bases crucial for a balanced diet, sherbet experiment 

MATERIALS (Grades P-6)
Texture boxes - what properties do these items have - increasing scientific language & describing properties (characteristics of ingredients/items)

What senses we use for taste & texture. If we confuse the nose see what happens to the taste. Taste test - take one sense away

This cooking goes for an hour then followed by 30 minutes of biology science on the important of healthy eating.