Basic Cooking Skills

Imparting the lifelong skill of food preparation and cooking in this incursion. It is essential to learn basic cooking skills to be able to cook independently and safely and in turn be healthy long term people. The kids will learn different food preparation techniques, food hygiene and handling while enjoying the tactile environment with tangible outcomes for them to cherish & devour!


Students should be able to identify one cooking skill or method & demonstrate this.


Every cooking item demonstrates and uses at least 4 basic cooking skills e.g. 
crumbing  |  beating  |  rolling  |  whipping  |  measuring  |  combining  |  knife skills


Scones with Jam & Cream (Grades P-6)
Learn: Crumbing, whipping (3+), combining and rolling 

Chicken Balls on Skewers with Mozzarella & Tomato (Grades 3-6)
Learn: Cutting technique, difference between clove and bulb and sautée, cracking an egg without incident, 3 parts of a citrus fruit 

Focaccia with Thyme & Garlic (Grades P-6) 
Learn: Yeast needs, kneading, rolling, combining, knife technique

Chocolate Chip Biscuits (Grades P-6)  
Learn: Sift, combining, creaming, cracking an egg, measuring, rolling-scaling 


Sessions: 1.5hr cooking
Minimum booking: 2 sessions = 3 hours total

COST for Primary Schools per student

Ideal number of students: 25
Minimum number: 20 | Maximum students: 28
20-25 students: $15  |  +25 students: $20 

COST for Kindergartens/Childcare per child

Minimum booking: 2 sessions = 1 1/2 - 2 hours total
Max number of children per session: 20  |  Min number per session: 15
15-20 children: $20  |  +20: $25

This incursion includes 30 mins science. The science and food items can be interchangeable. Healthy Eating even has science aspect that can be used here.