Children that learn to cook are healthy children who learn to nourish their bodies and minds. Healthy children are happy children. This is what we at Itsy Bitsy Chef promote and it is a skill and love and understanding of food that is life-long. This program is for kids aged 4-13 years old.

Your child will feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment each week as they measure and mix a range of ingredients to create something of their very own which they can take home and share with you. See our term menu below!

EXCITING NEWS! Since I began this program I have been developing an exciting skills-based system with different milestones and levels to give kids achievable goals as well as an indication of some of the important techniques to master as your cooking ability develops. There are 16 Levels with 4 big milestones. Monday is now dedicated to the more advanced little chefs for those who have reached Level 5 and above. See below for more detail about our levels.

Itsy Bitsy Chef offers a program made up of different Milestones/levels that covers the different cooking techniques to master.

Itsy Bitsy Chef offers a program made up of different Milestones/levels that covers the different cooking techniques to master.

Weekly Cooking Menu

Term 1 2019 Starts 4th Feb

MENU 1 - Tue/Thurs classes Beginners (Level 1-4).

  • Cherry Pie.

  • Sushi - Tuna.

  • Quick Tomato Tart.

  • Easter Greek Bread.

  • Scotch Egg with Petite Salad.

  • Focaccia & Bruschetta

  • Pork Skewers and Sticky Rice.

  • Hot Cross Buns.

    MENU 2 - 4th Feb Monday Advanced Class (Level 5 +)

  • Cherry Pie.

  • Sushi - Tuna.

  • Beef Curried Sausages.

  • Easter Greek Bread.

  • Moussaka.

  • Focaccia & Bruschetta (LABOUR DAY- NO CLASS)

  • Pork Skewers and Sticky Rice.

  • Hot Cross Buns.

Weekly Cooking Rotating 2 savoury then one sweet. Menu is subject to change without notice!  


About Milestones & Levels

There are 4 main milestones and each have 4 levels within them. This is skill-based. Responsibility and risk increase as skills improve under the careful guidance of myself, a fully qualified chef.

Here is a brief overview of the levels:

MILESTONE 1 - Itsy Bitsy Chef
L1 - Knife handling, kneading, basic food handling
L2 - Cut food, crack & separate eggs, bind food
L3 - Measure quantities, whip correct consistencies, read recipes
L4 - Make dishes independently, confidence, roll & line pastry

MILESTONE 2 - Chef de Partie (Using heat)
L5 - Correct knife technique, identify ingredients, understand techniques like crumbing/kneading
L6 - Pan frying safely, other cooking methods, using more than 1 cooking method
L7 - Saute/sweating, controlling heat in pan, identify cooked foods
L8 - Not overcooking, consistent pan frying, safely frying/sweating/sauteing

MILESTONE 3 - Sous Chef (Poaching, en papillote, boiling & steaming)
L9 - Cook pasta, 6 basic cutting terms, boiling & simmering
L10 - Make pasta, poaching, multitasking & time management
L11 - Take initiative, steam veg, timing food properly
L12 - Presentation, use 2 or more cooking methods, poaching, boiling & steaming

MILESTONE 4 - Head Chef (Cooking solid meat
pieces correctly)
L13 - Brown meat, choosing appropriate pan, use correct technique & sharp knife
L14 - Demonstrate 6 cutting terms, roast meat & veg, use more than 1 cutting technique
L15 - Stew veg & meat, cut meat/fish to weight, use skills without prompting
L16 - Braising large joints, cook meat to order, use 13 cooking methods




Cost per term

- $40 per session x term weeks available

Children can start any time during the term, depending on availability. 

We do not cater for Anaphylactic children in our After School or Holiday Programs

Classes include:

  • Fun & Entertainment

  • All Ingredients & Training

  • Certificate of Completion & Recipes

  • A food bag for your child to take home

Monday-Thursday 4pm-5:45pm
*Classes start promptly.  

Port Melbourne Community Centre 147 Liardet Street Port Melbourne

Trial classes 
Cost for 1 class is $40 or you can try 3 classes before signing up for the term. Go to shop/products page to choose this option.